Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Two More Counties!

All right, Poindexter! Listen up: I got to go to TWO new counties last week. Here’s the general synopsis of events:I had to go to New Mexico with Tito again. This time I got out of having to eat at Los Mariscos, which was nice. We argued about basketball and popular music, and I had some very good meals. “What meals?” you ask? Well, I had some shrimp/scallion/lobster/cheese thing at Red Lobster that was SO GOOD I went back a few days later and ate it again. (Yes, I know I belittled the idea of eating seafood in New Mexico, but this was a national chain, not a mom-and-pop place.) I also had tilapia at Denny’s that was very good, and a shrimp pasta bowl at Applebee’s. (Okay, it turns out I eat nothing BUT seafood in New Mexico. Probably because it's the only dish not served under a mountain of undrained green chillies.) So much seafood because I am as big as a house. Sort of.

Anyway, here was the good news: Tito was going home Wednesday afternoon and I was staying until Friday. Due to Tito’s anal-retentive nature, I dropped him off at the “sunport” five hours before his flight, so I had plenty of time to drive to Catron County, where I saw the Very Large Array (the field of radio telescopes from the movie “Contact,” which movie sucked), and I saw State Highway 52, which holds special meaning to my circle of high school friends. I’m not sure I can explain that, but maybe some other time I will try.

The next day I went to Española for work, and on my way back to Santa Fe to eat at Red Lobster again, I went to Los Alamos County. That was especially gratifying to me because it had been over ten years since I had gone to the surrounding counties. Ten years of having a tiny little hole in the middle of my map of counties visited. Two years ago I went to San Miguel and Dolores Counties, Colorado, which had been a hole in my map since 1983. That was very satisfying, as well.

So there you have it: two new counties. Also, yesterday at work they began entertaining the idea of allowing me to go to southern New Mexico sometime in the next two months or so, and that would yield a lot more counties.

Two interesting sidelights of this trip: the desk clerk at my Albuquerque hotel was clearly insane and she nearly drove ME crazy when she took an hour to check me in. And every time the phone rang she would say, “It’s a great day at the [name of hotel chain affiliated with Marriott]."

Secondly: I sat next to the same woman I sat next to after my LAST trip to Santa Fe. Her name, her REAL name, since I don’t even know her, is Lily and the nicest part about flying next to her is that she doesn’t try to talk to me while I am reading. Although, last time I sat next to her she told me I should eat at Sadie’s in Albuquerque, and I haven’t done it yet. What were the chances of ever being called on the carpet for ignoring a stranger’s restaurant recommendation?

FOLLOW UP: Virginia is too snooty to pretend to be snooty for the purposes of comic relief, so we’ll have to let that go. I think you all (meaning Virginia and Persephone) should write about loser hobbies you have, like me and my county gathering, that you know other people think are lame, but you still like to do them anyway.


NKLM said...
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NKLM said...

You say that like we have loser hobbies. I can think of none. Although it is pretty depressing to bake a dessert only to find out every freakin' person in the world is on a diet. And not only are they one a diet, but "today isn't my free day." Argh.