Monday, April 03, 2006

Counties Up the Wazoo


I was out of town for bidniz again this week.This time I went to Columbia, Missouri, which, despite it being in Missouri, was actually pretty nice.

Thursday evening, however, I was sitting in my hotel room at about seven in the evening, reading and writing, and the tornado sirens went off, so I took my stuff downstairs to sit in the lobby. The lobby, though, was full of windows (and a piano that had a large sign reading, “Please Do Not Play the Piano”), so they made us all sit in the first floor hallway. It was a nice way to get to see who else was staying in the hotel (including a math team and the Southern Illinois University girls' cross country team), and all the US Bank employees who were having a meeting in the conference room. About a half-hour later the tornado watch expired and we went back to our rooms.

The best part of the week, though, aside from eating lunch at Shakespeare’s Pizza, was the weekend trip. Persephone drove over with the kids (Crazy Jane and Grunty Joe) to pick my up Friday afternoon and we drove up to Keokuk, Iowa. This was not my first time spending the night in Keokuk, but it might be my last. Every time I go, I am less impressed with Keokuk and more impressed with Fort Madison. We might make the switch next time.

But we are all losing sight of what’s most important here: the counties I visited.

I got fifteen new counties, putting my total for the year at eighteen. Friday I got: Macon MO, Knox MO, Adair MO, Schuyler MO, and Scotland MO. Driving home on Saturday, I got: Van Buren IA, Davis IA, Appanoose IA, Wayne IA, Putnam MO, Sullivan MO, Mercer MO, Grundy MO, Linn MO, and Livingston MO. This means my overall total is now 652 (20.82%), while my Missouri total is 74 (64.35%) and my Iowa total is 13 (13.13%).

“Top ten states?”, you ask? Here they are:

7New Mexico20/3360.61%
8Nevada 10/1758.82%

We had a great time in Nauvoo. We learned the commands for directing an ox (Gee” with a hard “G” for “right” and “Ah” for “left”), both of our kids petted the oxen, and I ate catfish for the first time, which was fantastic enough of an experience that it should probably be its own post. Anytime I wonder why no one reads my blog, all I have to do is remember this moment, when I thought, “My eating catfish for the first time was fantastic enough of an experience that it should probably be its own post.”

FOLLOW UP: You people don’t take your assignments seriously enough. Tell me what your most-interesting county-getting experience has been. Is there a particular county you enjoyed visiting, or a funny experience that happened there? Respond now!

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NKLM said...

I think it's especially funny when the hubby drives into a county only to immediately turn around and leave it. Once we've been in two inches, we've got it.