Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Crazy Angela

So the other day Angela came over to my side of the office and started talking about swarming bees. And she said, "You know why they swarm, don't you?!"

I said, "Because they're mad?"

She said, "No! Well, yeah! But it's because they've been Africanized! Bees didn't used to swarm before the introduction of African bees!"

I said, "Angela, that's racist of you to assume that an animal can only demonstrate aggression if it's from Africa."

She said, "I saw a show on it!"

I said, "Bees used to swarm all the time."

She said, "No, it was on a show I saw!"

I said, "I am quite familiar with the plight of Yogi Bear, and every time he and Boo-Boo would steal their picinic baskets, they had to high-tail it out of there before the bees came." She left in disgust.

A little later in the day, I called her up and said, "And another thing: Winnie the Pooh always had to run away from swarming bees and he's a European bear and--" but she hung up on me.


NKLM said...

That was hilarious. And you say I don't think you're funny.

Angela said...

I was relieved to find that this blog was not about me. For a moment I thought you had been harboring negative feelings towards me all these years.