Tuesday, November 14, 2006

"Language Lessons"

So, here are three new words or phrases I've invented over the past couple years. I know nobody reads this, but I am posting this here so I will have them written down in a place I can find, instead of jotting them on tiny scraps of paper I end up losing.

  • THREVE: a word that means "all three," like how "both" means "all two." So when there are two things on the table and you say, "Give me both of them," you could also say of three things, "Give me threve of them." You can NOT use this word with the word "all," such as "Give me all threve of them." You would never say, "All both," so you can't say, "All threve."

    Immediately after inventing this word while riding in the car with my wife, we parked in front of my parents' house and I was about to take three things to the door, so I got to say, "Hand me threve of them, please."

  • TRUMP CLASSY: a word that describes something not classy at all, but very expensive, so the person who spent all the money thinks it's classy.

    For instance, many of the expensive things purchased by Navin Johnson in the movie The Jerk are Trump classy. Named after the king of Trump classy, Donald Trump.

  • FERPECT: a word that means "perfect" when used sarcastically. For instance, when you try to toss something into a trash can with precision, only to have it miss the can and burst open on the floor next to it, you could say, "Ferpect."

    I think it is best to use this word when your efforts have brought about the worst-case scenario, perhaps a scenario that would not have happened at all had you not tried to do the opposite.

So, there are my new words. Use them a lot. That would be totally rufus.

Since I'm now only using my blog to write notes to myself, I'll include this little bit about a hobby of mine: finding words that are pronounced differently when used as different parts of speech. For instance, "SUSPECT," "PERMIT," "PROJECT," "PROCEED," and there was one more I just read yesterday in a book called Monetary Policy and Bretton Woods, but I can't remember it now.

Also, I am intrigued by words that change the stressed syllable when it is made into an adjective, like "PHILOSOPHY" and "PHILOSOPHICAL" or "ECONOMY" and "ECONOMICAL." So keep your eyes open for any of those.

Title from Better Off Dead.


NKLM said...

Love your new words. Better than "rufus" of "Never Been Kissed" non fame. (What's the opposite of fame??)

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