Monday, November 20, 2006

Mean Blog Readers

A couple months ago, Persephone was featured in the local paper in one of those "person on the street" articles. They asked her a question and then took her picture. The discussion thread for the online edition of the article, though, was full of hateful people criticizing her response.

Today I happened upon a blog where a woman posted a different picture every day. They were supposed to be neat pictures of nature of whatever. Her husband wanted her to post a picture he took of her leg while she was getting into the car, so she did. The discussion thread for that post had five people telling her that her legs were gross, and one guy who posted his e-mail address in case she wanted to have sex.

I seriously hope that all the posts were jokes. People aren't that worthless these days, are they? It kind of makes me glad that nobody reads my blog.

Speaking of nobody reading: my wife told me a couple days ago that she had checked my blog. I said, "I don't think you did, because there is a post there about how long it will take you to comment and you haven't commented on that post yet." She said, "I read it, but I didn't comment." So maybe there ARE people reading my blog, they're just too lazy to make themselves known. But if their manner of making themselves known is to criticize my legs, it's probably better this way.

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