Thursday, December 07, 2006

"Gettin' Hassled By the Man"

So my company has these billability targets, and they are constantly revising them upward as we continue to flounder. When I started here, it was 32 hours out of a 40 hour week. Then it was 36, then 38, then there was a brief mention that, hypothetically, there was no reason it couldn't be 40, then it sort of went back to 36, in that we all hit 36 now and no one complains.

About four months ago, I went from full-time to part-time so I could go back to school. Now that I work 29 hours a week, my project manager and I have taken that 36/40 ratio and applied it to 29, aiming for 26 hours of billable time each week.

Two weeks ago, my supervisor e-mailed me to say I was not billable enough, and I should be billable somewhere between 28 and 29 hours a week. I think it is just the beginnings of a paper trail for when they fire me, so I responded with figures from my charge sheets, showing that I am consistently above the 36/40 ratio expected of other employees.

I also happened to mention (since most of the time we have a pretty relaxed corporate environment) that half of my non-billable time each week can be attributed to taking a crap every afternoon. Just sayin'.

This week, now, there has been a picture posted in the bathroom. It's one of those Internet memes about how the company can't afford bathroom breaks, so they will install toilets at everyone's desks.

If they took half the energy they spend pestering employees, trying to get another nickel's-worth of productivity out of them, and put that energy into securing more actual work for the company, we could all go back to 32 hours of billability and free lunches a couple times a month. However, I suspect they have some enormously-expensive e-mail spying program that is going to intercept this message, thereby saving the few cents it cost them while I wrote it.

Title from Sublime's song "Garden Grove."

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