Thursday, December 28, 2006

Movie Reviews

Firstly, I don't think I mentioned yesterday that it was my birthday. Yee. Haw. I am now twenty-nine, which means Persephone still will get mad at me when I tell her I'm thirty, but now I'm much closer. (When we saw my dad last week, he wished me a happy thirtieth birthday. He really thought I was turning thirty.)

Secondly, I got bored and frustrated Tuesday night, so I shaved my beard. I originally started growing it in October when it first got cold, and my intention was to keep it until the spring equinox. I thought it was a great idea to use my natural mammal qualities against the weather. Suck it, weather! Yeah! But then I realized that it really doesn't make me any warmer, and it's not really that cold so far this winter. I left the moustache, though, because it was my birthday, and I am worth it. Persephone hates the moustache. Well, then I guess it's a good thing she can't grow one.

Thirdly, I have seen two movies over the last two days, and so I will now review them.

The first was You, Me, and Dupree, which Persephone rented from the grocery store (Midwest grocery stores ROCK!) because it has Owen Wilson, and we think he is funny. Owen Wilson and Hugh Grant in the same movie would make our heads explode from laughter. But anyway, as for this movie, I guess it was all right. There were some funny moments, but even The Family Stone had at least one funny moment (when Luke Wilson stands up on Christmas morning and buttons his new jacket he's wearing overtop of his pajamas).

My biggest problem with Y, M, & D was the fact that Kate Hudson gets so angry with Matt Dillon for allowing his work to get out of control, but Matt Dillon is working for her dad. She never takes that into account. Also, it was weird that Amanda Detmer was listed in the opening credits, but she has one speaking line, delivered from off camera. Couldn't they have just hired a producer's sister and saved some of the (wikipedia says) fifty-eight million dollars of production? Still, though, it is better than the new Planet of the Apes, but then, so is getting a colostomy bag.

The second movie was The Devil Wears Prada. I was not expecting great things from this movie, and frankly, I was a little pissed I had to watch it on my birthday. I alleviated some of that anger by multitasking, making my reading schedule for next year while we watched. I used to like Anne Hathaway, but now I think she's just a whore. Not "Lindsay Lohan" whore, but still a whore. But the movie was pretty good. I liked Stanley Tucci's character, and wish all gay men could be so non-flamboyant. But the problem with this movie is that, while all her friends are getting down on her for getting caught up in the world of fashion, that's not what was happening. She was caught up in her job, which is a way different thing. Also, the movie tried to end about eight different times. And, her boyfriend asks her to move to Boston with him, but then she goes and gets a job in New York.

Still, way better than the new Planet of the Apes.

Fourthly, I just realized that, as much as I try to dress it up, my job really is nothing more than comparing two sequential numbers and making sure the odd number is higher. For ten hours a day.

Fifthly, another firing occurred while I was writing this e-mail. And it wasn't who needed to get fired next. Down in flames, baby. Down in flames.

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