Friday, December 29, 2006

New Year

The New Year is upon us like a drunken frat boy upon your teenaged daughter. And the word on the street is that this New Year has busy hands.

Speaking of busy hands, my hands have been dramatically not busy lately, as I continually experience new depths of idleness. No one at work is motivated anymore, and it's just as well, seeing as the billable work is going away faster than Rick James CDs from the bargain bin when the Irony Club's tour bus stops at the outlet mall music store.

You know your work is no longer interesting when you think, "I wonder what wikipedia has to say about salt water," and then end up reading the article about salt water, the one about sea water, and the one about sea level.

But a year is ending. This was the first year I ever developed concrete goals before the start of the year. I had twelve goals, three in each of four categories: personal, professional, familial, and educational. I achieved one of my familial goals and all of my educational goals. I am very close to accomplishing my three professional goals. I possibly have accomplished another familial goal (we won't know until Persephone either starts menstruating or not). One of my personal goals--read 25,000 pages--will not be met, but I will top 21,000, which will be my best year so far (I was over 20,000 in 2003 and 2004). So overall, I'm pretty happy with my progress.

I've got twelve new goals lined up for next year. We'll see how those go. I didn't used to be a "goal" type of guy, but now I guess I am. It's funny how life can surprise us, like next week when life surprises me with unemployment.

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