Friday, December 08, 2006


Firstly, more vocabulary. I found a sheet of paper that records the actual invention date of "threve" (Jan. 2005) and "Trump classy" (April 10, 2005), as well as another phrase I forgot I had invented: EATING CHIPS (March 29, 2005).

"Eating chips" is wasting your life in worthlessness. Used in a sentence, one would say, "He spent his early twenties eating chips." And my original definition for "Trump classy" was faux class, where the owner thinks the item imparts class but really it points to bad taste.

Secondly, I am a little bit excited about the prospects of casually mentioning to Tito at work that, right now, KU has the second-best basketball team in the State of Kansas. However, today is Friday and Tito's going to be out of the office on Monday, so I need Wichita State to not lose until Tuesday. Come on, Shockers, don't let me down!

Thirdly, I wasn't too satisfied with the Chicken and Crawfish Gumbo. I could identify the chicken bits, and there were things in it that looked like shrimp, which I am assuming might be the crawfish (I'd never had it before), but then there were these pieces of animal carcass that resembled sausage, and that creeped me out. I don't really like eating sausage because the outside is so crunchy, it's like you're actually biting into an animal. Truthfully, I don't like eating bratwurst, but I do it anyway because I like the idea of eating bratwurst. And the gumbo gave me the stinkiest gas I have had for months, and then the turd I took later that evening was disgusting in about eight different ways. (Never let anyone tell you my food reviews are not thorough.)

Fourthly, I'm in the library right now, supposedly reading for my microeconomics final, but I just saw my last post about Jimmy John's, and now I really want to go get an Italian Night Club with hot peppers and no onions.

Fifthly, now that I'm not at work, I can tell you about how much it sucks: a lot. The other day was my one-year anniversary of working there, and I wanted to scoop out my own eye with a spork (we've been watching "Alias" on DVD lately). All the bosses tend to go home around five-twenty or so, and then there are three of us who stay until six. That is when we talk freely amongst ourselves. I said to the other two, "If I could get more money in student loans, I would quit this place tomorrow." So I decided to see if I could get more money in student loans. I have some lender (I am such an idiot that I almost wrote the word "loaner") sending me paperwork that, if it's legitimate, will allow me to get a way less stressful job before next semester starts.

See, I didn't do too well in college for a year or so, and now that I am wondering if I should go to graduate school (mainly because I don't know what else I would want to do), I need to do extra well for the next year. I want to have the time to volunteer as an assistant to some of the professors, and I want to do the work necessary to graduate with honors. I don't think I can do those things if I am taking fifteen hours and working twenty-nine hours. I got lucky this semester (Intermediate Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics, Economic Growth and Development, Language and the Mind) that I hardly had to do any homework, but next semester won't be like that (Money and Banking, International Finance, Political Philosophy, Western Civilization II, and Calculus II).

I seriously think I am going to go to Jimmy John's right now.

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