Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Vocab Up the Wazoo

Another word that changes pronunciation depending on its part of speech: record. When used as a noun, the first syllable is stressed, but when used as a verb, the second syllable is stressed. Also, the pronunciation of the vowel in the second syllable is very different. More so than in a permit/permit, proceed/proceed, or attribute/attribute pairing.

I took another final today, and when I turned it in, I told my professor, "Here's your answer key right here." She thought that was pretty funny. I wonder if that means she doesn't think I know the answers.


NKLM said...

You've got me obsessed. I was falling asleep the other night, not even trying to think of words that are spelled the same but are pronounced differently when I came up with "delegate" and "delegate." And then I immediately came up with another one. I was totally on a roll, or maybe just loopey and falling asleep. Anyways, I totally can't think of the other word now.

NKLM said...

Litigate and Litigate, you just came up with.