Friday, January 05, 2007

"Dropped From a Dream, I Don't Know What I Know"

One of the side-effects of my ten-to-six sleeping schedule I've readopted this year (it's been on hiatus since 2004) has been crazy dreams. To whit:

Last night I dreamt I was allowed to play one game for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Tommy Lasorda was the manager again. The whole time I was there I kept thinking, "This is totally awesome that they're letting me do this!" For some reason I got to bat, but didn't have to field, so I spent most of the game sitting in the dugout. I had one at-bat, where I think I popped out to the catcher. Then, later on, I was back in the clubhouse, about to start in on the buffet, when Tommy Lasorda cornered me and started talking about how great one of the guys on the team was. Then someone hit a home run for the Dodgers. We went running out the tunnel to see it. We got to the dugout just as it cleared the wall. For some reason, the entire team went running through the concourse to try to track down the ball. When we got out underneath the outfield bleachers, we ran into a huge entourage for the player Tommy had been talking about. I think it was the same kid who hit the home run. There must have been a hundred people, being escorted by stadium staff, and at the front of the group was the player's mother, being really pushy and demanding, but in a gracious way. (You know what I mean, when people say things like, "Thanks again for letting my dog take a crap in your grandmother's urn; it really means a lot to me"?) Well, this lady was coming right at me, and her tee-shirt said, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints," (which is weird for a church to get into marketing name-brand clothing), and I thought (in the dream) to myself, "Oh, great, it's one of those pushy Mormon ladies that make all the rest of us Mormons look bad." And then I woke up and it was only four-thirty, so I went back to sleep.

Usually I am pretty good at deciding what a dream means, but I have no idea about this one. Suggestions? Anyone?

Title from Superdrag's song "Garmonbozia."

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