Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Enemies List - Jan. 21 2007

1My Workplace--
2KU Bursar's Office--
3The 24-Hr. Day--
5My Computer--
6"Coworker 1"--
8"Guy From Church 1"--
9My TV/DVD Player/Stereo--

Since this is the first week for it, there are no previous rankings. The Postal Service (the actual service, not the band) made the list for taking two weeks to deliver a letter mailed to me from within town, and for not delivering a book I ordered that I needed days ago. My computer made the list for having a full C drive. My TV makes a loud buzzing noise most of the time, unless the volume is turned all the way down. My DVD player won't read the captions of The Simpsons DVDs after about Season 4, and my stereo just doesn't work at all anymore.

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