Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Despite my microeconomics professor's attempts to keep me down, I got a 3.75 GPA last semester, which put me on the honor roll, baby. I was also on the honor roll in my last semester at Moorpark College. Yet, nearly a month after I got my grades, I'm still pissed about that microeconomics B. I had an A going into the final, and I know I got at least a 90 on the test. Plus, he grades on a kind of relaxed system. What was left for me to do?

Back from California, all by myself for the next two weeks, and I'm eating like a king. A KING! I had an Italian Night Club late Monday night (with hot peppers and no onions, of course), and yesterday I had a box of Velveeta shells and cheese.

Yesterday I had to go to a meeting on campus at nine in the morning, so I parallel parked on Indiana Street and went to do my thing. A couple hours later, I came back and could not get out of my parking space. I tried using my ice scrapers to clear the street around my tires, but they were both broken at the airport Sunday night. A random stranger (not me--a different one) helped push me, but it didn't help. I had to go across the street to Yello Sub and borrow their snow shovel. Mad props to Yello Sub, dawg! Boo yah! and so forth.

Once my car was sprung from its parking space, I couldn't leave it sitting in a traffic lane while I returned the shovel, and I couldn't park it again while I returned the shovel, and I didn't want to put the mucky shovel in my car, so I got to drive down the street back to Yello Sub with my door open, holding the shovel outside. That was pretty fun.

I have a list of about twenty things I have to do in the next two weeks, and I know of about ten other things that should be on that list but aren't. Instead of doing any of them, I'm sitting here at work like a goon, doing nothing that benefits anyone on earth.