Friday, January 05, 2007

"They Tried to Stick an Office Worker Inside of Me"

So I hate office work. But Persephone says I can't write about that, and that leaves me with not too much to actually write about.

Last night when she was supposed to be going to sleep, Crazy Jane came out of her room and said, "You need to wake me up before you leave for the bus tomorrow." She wouldn't say why. So this morning, the last thing I did before leaving for the bus stop was to wake up Crazy Jane.

"You wanted me to wake you up before I left," I said.

"I decided no," she said, and went back to sleep. So now we will never know why she wanted to get up so early this morning.

This morning before work I finished reading Dick Morris's Because He Could, my first completed book of 2007. On the bus I started in on Keynes's General Theory, which promises to be long and boring.

Title from The Hives' song "Abra Cadaver."

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NKLM said...

Tomorrow it's a dance party in her room at 7AM.