Friday, February 02, 2007


I've got this professor this semester who is completely insane. I found myself sitting in class yesterday thinking, "Only fifteen more weeks of this." It's kind of early in the semester to be having such thoughts.

Speaking of crazy, I'd like to give a shout out to my kids. What up, kids? But seriously, my kids are pretty crazy. They got back from California this week and I surprised them with bunk beds. Now we put them to bed and they have a little party every night for a couple hours. I've threatened to unstack the bunk beds and put them in separate rooms, to return the bunk beds to the store, to sell the bunk beds at a garage sale, and to send the bunk beds back to Vietnam, but none of these threats frighten them. Crazy Jane hangs a jump rope off the top bunk like it's a fishing line and Articulate Joe tugs on it like he's a fish, and then they crack up giggling.

And by the way, can I just give you this public service announcement: don't call California "Cali." No one from California calls it "Cali." We call it "California." Someone who calls it "Cali" is trying to sound cool and failing spectacularly. And while we're at it, don't call ESRI "ezree." It's pronounced "ee ess are eye."

Well, we're about to have a two-hour office meeting about "appropriate professional behavior." Chances are they will NOT address the unprofessional way in which they are running their company into the ground.

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