Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Last Twenty Minutes of the Work Day

I don't really have anything new to say, but I've got twenty minutes and I so don't want to be here anymore.

I made a pretty sweet picture at work today. I'll try to learn enough computer skillz to post it on my blog, because it's just that sweet. I could describe it here, but then it wouldn't be nearly as world-rocking as it will be when you see it for the first time. And world-rocking it will be.

So today is Valentine's Day. I didn't really get anything for my wife. Here's hoping she didn't really get anything for me, or else I will look foolish when it comes time to exchange presents. All I'm really hoping for this year is an exchange of bodily fluids instead.

Speaking of "exchanging bodily fluids," I've only got a ten more months to get that out of my system, and then I will be 30 and my penis won't work anymore. He's already showing signs of slowing. That rat bastard. It's not like I've worn him out from overuse. He's just getting lazy.

I have to go to New Mexico for work next month. It won't be with Tito, but I'm still not really looking forward to it. I will fly down on the last flight Sunday night for a meeting I don't want to attend on Monday, and then (if I'm lucky) make my flight back late Monday night so I can take a midterm at eight on Tuesday morning.

I still have fifteen minutes to go. If this post is going to see me through to the end of the work day, it's going to end up being as long as...some really long book. I don't know of any, personally, because I don't read much.

Reading is for squares. Seriously. Only jackasses and retards read. The cool kids are busy smoking pot behind the bus barn. And beating up tourists, like on "CSI." Persephone's down with "CSI." Because she's not pushing 30 yet. When she hits 29 like me, she'll watch reruns of "Murder She Wrote" and "Matlock."

My grandma, who died last year at some sort of advanced age [after some thinking about it, I'll say she was 97] used to watch "Beverly Hills 90210." That's a pretty hip show for a 97-year-old.

I did voiceover work for that show once. My brother somehow got a job providing the background hallway chatter for scenes that happened at school. In one of the episodes, they needed younger kids because Brandon Walsh and Ian Ziering were going to be Little League coaches. My brother took me down to do it. I think the guys at the sound studio hated me. I was trying to say something unique so my voice would be recognizable when the episode aired. They didn't like that very much.

Guaranteed Persephone reaction when she reads that: "You think EVERYBODY hates you."

Guaranteed rebuttal: that's because everybody does.

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chumly said...

Hopefully a Valentine Day hug will be enough.