Friday, February 09, 2007


I just like that word. According to the Beastie Boys, it's worth eleven points in the game Boggle.

But here's a word I don't like: tear. I just wanted to use it in an e-mail, to signify weeping, but I realized that, unless I was there to read it for the recipient, she might think I meant it like "tear out a sheet of paper," and it would make no sense. So I had to use a different word.

Most of the time "TARE" is a verb and "TEER" is a noun, but not in "to tear up," which was what I wanted to write. Does it mean "to get weepy" or does it mean "to shread paper"?

But seriously, why do we have two words that are pronounced differently but spelled the same? Read and read. Tear and tear. Why not reid or teer? There are other ways to spell the long E sound. Beer and bear aren't pronounced the same, so why would they be spelled the same? Deed and dead have different spellings.

I'm not really looking forward to spending eight more hours at work today.

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