Monday, February 12, 2007


We fired someone else today.

When I got hired, I was the 26th employee. Since then we've hired three more, parted ways with ten (three quits, three lay offs, four fires), and are now down to 19.

I never would have thought I was at least number eleven on the firing list. I thought I was more like a three or four. But ten people later, here I still am. The last two firings came within days of the president of the company telling us that "personnel changes were over."

Today I decided that I wished I had named my blog "The Rub," as in, "Aye, there's the rub." That would be a cool name. Unlike "ARS", which is a pile of puke.

Speaking of piles of puke, my UDK column is fast descending into mediocrity and pointlessness. My second column was my zenith; last week's was off the mark, and I don't even want to begin to imagine what my editor has recommended I change about next week's.

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