Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Website That Made Me Laugh

[Editor's Note: also written two days ago. Also lost by New Blogger. Google is fast becoming what Microsoft already is.]

An exemplary coworker of mine just sent me this link: Hot Chicks With Douche Bags.

Now, at first I was hesitant to click on it, since seeing a woman with a feminine hygiene product is not my idea of teh hawtness. But then I thought, "It must be something else or he wouldn't have sent it to my work account," so I opened it. (That's some pretty tight Internet security right there. "He has to be a Nigerian prince or he wouldn't claim to be!")

The "hot chick" part is what you think it is, but they are using "douche bag" in its secondary sense, meaning, "An idiot guy who thinks he's totally awesome." So basically it's a website for posting pictures of good-looking women with idiot men. And it made me laugh. So now you, too, can laugh.

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