Wednesday, March 07, 2007


In answer to Cristin's question: um, yes, that would be correct.

But in my defense, I am not a sacrilegious guy. (Well, mostly not.) They made us wait in that closet for a long time. And I was recently married. And my wife is smoking hot. (Notice how that last verb is present-tense. Because I'm an awesome husband, that's why.)

I wish I had some sort of incriminating evidence regarding you guys, but I've got nothing. All my interaction with you guys has been me doing the embarrassing thing. Like when someone jumped off someone else's moving bike, and the bike ran into something and bent the front wheel's axle, and the bike's owner's dad got all mad at the other kid? Yeah, that was me riding Erik's bike.

The only thing I have on you two: Erik showed up at my "surprise" birthday party and was the only kid there (because I was grossly unpopular--still am) and my mom tried to play it off like Erik just came over to play, but Erik said, "So are no other kids coming?" (It was not the only birthday party in my life that had one person show up.)

Cristin was on the Dating Game. But she was the bachelorette doing the selecting, so it's not too embarrassing. Although she did have to start a question by saying, "Bachelor Number One...." (You should call Erik "Bachelor Number One" sometimes.)

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Erik said...

The funny thing with the story about birthday parties... do you remember when Pat had a B-day in 7th grade and he gave all the hot chicks at school an invitation and the only ones who came was Ken Lev? Good times, good times. I still remember you making fun of him with the comment "hows the party Pat?" All because deep down you were wounded by the same situation....
Word to yo Motha.