Monday, April 02, 2007

Conference Weekend

I told Persephone yesterday, "Every six months I spend a weekend sitting through ten hours of church, and every six months I think, 'I've got to find a new church.'" She said, "You're not really kidding."

But seriously, TEN HOURS?! Can't they spread that around? Why not have us all stay after church for one hour every month to watch some broadcast conference talks, and then every six months have us come to conference for four hours? Why does it have to be all at once?

And the craziest part is, it used to be longer. When I was a missionary I found an old conference report from 1976 that had talks from a Welfare Session the Thursday before conference weekend. And didn't someone say something this weekend about walking into the tabernacle during Children's Conference? Because kids like to sit still for hours on end.

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Cristin Lassen said...

Yeah, at the end of conference I always start entering that weird comatose eyes glazed-over look from watching too much tv. Not a healthy feeling.