Friday, April 13, 2007


The air conditioner is on. It's nine-forty in the morning and forty-three degrees outside, but the air conditioner is on in here. When I got to work this morning, the front door was propped open and a fan was blowing outside air in the door.

Our front door is equipped with one of those chimes that ring every time the door is opened. About a month ago a coworker of mine discovered that, if you bump the door really hard, it makes a slight dinging noise. I told another coworker of mine about it. A couple weeks later, a different coworker discovered it and the one I told acted like she had never known this before. Why does no one listen to anything I say?

Then my supervisor decided he would break the door chime so it would do nothing but chime every time the door was opened. (Previously chiming had been a setting which was always off. Now it's the default.) When the people who sit by the door (and no one is closer to the door than I am, both physically and metaphorically) complained, he tried to fix it with some tape. The result was that the door lets out a pathetic half-ding when opened.

Three weeks ago, when the toilet backed up onto the floor again (yes, AGAIN!), they had a guy come in and spray the carpet with some irritating chemical and then turn a carpet fan on directly behind my chair. Then I got in trouble for not being productive that day.

If they wanted to make my workplace so irritating that I would quit, what would they be doing differently?

The air conditioner has been continuously blowing for fifteen minutes now.

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