Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Now a Major Motion Picture

When society gets off its ass and finally gives me the recognition I deserve by making a movie of my life, I'm pretty sure that the last seven years or so will be completely omitted. They might have a little something about being a missionary, and then the next scene will be far into the future from right now.

This part of my life, the part I'm living today, is completely unnecessary in terms of the overall development of my life story. I could have stayed in bed all day today and nothing would be different. But instead I had to come to work, where everything sucks, walking to the bus in a drizzle, and then riding the bus with some stinky guy.

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Erik said...

Sounds like you really need a new job.... how long before you graduate? Will that give you the liberty to kick this job to the curb and go find something else that you rather do?