Friday, April 20, 2007

"Pick Up the Dog Doo / Hope That It's Hard"

Joe Walsh doesn't quite rock, but he's pretty cool. John Walsh doesn't really rock either. But he helps catch criminals, and that's pretty cool in its own way. Justice rocks!

This place is going downhill fast. As long as I've been predicting disaster, I really think it's upon us now, and I'd be surprised if things could last into June.

I'm about to finish a project today, and I didn't have any other work lined up. I was sort of looking forward to getting laid off this weekend, but my supervisor told me what my new project will be on Monday. I'm disappointed that I still have a job.

Again, I blame BTO. You rat bastards. "I love to work at nothing all day" indeed. I'll give you something to work at. [motions to nether regions] You can start by working hard at THIS, idiots!

But seriously, we're all doomed here.

Title from Joe Walsh's song "Life's Been Good to Me So Far."

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