Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Study Habits

Update: remember when I said I was reading A Godly Hero instead of studying Money and Banking, and I had a test in Money and Banking the next day? Well, I got the test back yesterday, and I got 32 out of 35 (91.4%), so I think everything worked out pretty well. In fact, for the final I'm going to do nothing but read about William Jennings Bryan. I figure I should get about a zillion percent.

The weather is very nice in Kansas now. If I'm going to complain when the weather sucks, I need to be free with the props when the weather is great. We walked around Potter Lake on Sunday afternoon, and I've gone running two nights in a row now. We ate ice cream downtown Monday night. So for this great weather I'd like to give a shout out to God. What up, God?!

But work still sucks, and that's where I am today. If God has something to do with that, I should temper my cheering somewhat.

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