Thursday, November 15, 2007

End of the Year Extravaganza!

The mark of a lazy writer is a "top ten" list, followed closely by a "best of" list. So I give you a "best of" list that is sure to make the "top ten" list of "best of" lists.

BEST OF 2007

  • Best Movie Seen in a Movie Theater: "The Simpsons Movie"
  • Because it was the only movie I saw in a theater all year. But aside from that, I still thought it was pretty good. I consider myself a pretty big fan of "The Simpsons," although I haven't seen a new episode in over three years, thanks to my giving up Sunday television. But I don't really think I'm missing much, since the last episodes I saw had lost their objectivity and consistently mocked only one viewpoint. Remember the episode where Apu is found out to be an illegal immigrant and Marge says, "His only crime is breaking federal law"? Or the episode where the mall excavation turns up and angel skeleton and it's not just religionists who are mocked, but Lisa's militant skepticism, too? That type of even-handedness has been jettisoned in favor of whole episodes opposing the Iraq war and the Patriot Act. Anyway, the movie turned out to be better than I thought it would be. I look forward to the DVD.

  • Best Movie Seen Anywhere: "Breach"
  • I might have seen a better one this year; I'm not really sure. "Spiderman 3" was pretty good, but long and not as good as "Spiderman 2." Anyway, I remember "Breach" being good, so it makes the list. We were surprised at how little action was in the movie, but that is more like real life. Spies don't typically blow up the Kremlin or steal a supersonic plane from the Soviets while having Nam flashbacks. They make photocopies and send them through the mail. Ooooh, espionage! You make my pants fit funny!

  • Best Album Heard: "Sam's Town" by The Killers
  • Okay, I know this album is from last year, but it's the most-recent album I own. However, I have reason to believe I am getting the new albums from The Hives and from The Killers for Christmas this year. Also, I have not yet heard any of the new stuff from The Rentals.

  • Best Book Read:
  • I can't remember right now.

  • Best County Visited: Pike County, Indiana.
  • Because we missed it last year. While driving back from my grandmother's funeral in Pittsburgh, I let my brother drive and I slept in the passenger seat. He missed the exit before I could wake up, so we didn't get Pike County. This year on the way back from Richmond, Virginia, we made sure we got it.

  • Best Restaurant:
  • All right, here's the thing about "best of" lists: you have to have a lot of opinions about meaningless crap. I don't care which restaurant is best. It depends on what type of food I like and how rich I feel. So maybe this list was a bad idea. But it took a lot of work time, which is always a good thing.


Nance said...

You also saw Charlotte's Web in the theater. That was this year, right?

A Random Stranger said...

I thought Charlotte's Web was last year. I don't remember. I remember the weather was nice.