Thursday, November 08, 2007

Family Holidays

We mark the anniversary of when my wife and kids flew into Kansas to live here with me. I drove all our stuff here on September 2, but they didn't arrive until September 14, which is now our family holiday.

Well, we're about to get another family holiday as soon as Articulate Joe craps in the toilet. We keep talking it up, adding more exciting things to try to entice him to not run for a corner (or a closet). As of today, his holiday will include a parade, musical instruments, supper of his choice (current front-runner: Little Caesar's), games, and traffic cones made of construction paper than can be worn as hats or placed on the ground.

What he doesn't know is that I envision a continual holiday, with each year being more embarrassing for him as we commemorate the anniversary of his pooping on the potty. We can have some of Rachel's "gorilla poop" cookies folded up in little paper diapers. We can give him rolls of toilet paper for presents. Eventually he will appreciate how much fun it is, I think.


Rachel said...

Rachel is planning on sending him a gift (something fecal related) each year simply because you mentioned her in your blog. By the way... we made gorilla poop cookies today. They are sinful.

Erik said...

I'm now curious about Gorilla Poop cookies!....