Friday, November 09, 2007

Grey Is the New Black

Remember the movie "Josie and the Pussycats," which is one of my wife's secret all-time favorite movies, how there is a group of girls who spend the whole movie saying, "[color] is the new [color]!"? One time in class we were renumbering problems on a homework assignment and I the girl next to me asked for clarification, so I said, "Two is the new three," and she said, "Oh, you speak my language!" Which was funny because we are friends. If we weren't friends, I would probably tell this story in a mocking fashion.

Anyway, The Beach Club at Jimmy John's is the new Italian Night Club, at least in my opinion. Although, just like how the Italian Night Club can be sabotaged by an overzealous application of hot peppers, the Beach Club can be overpowered by alfalfa spouts if used too liberally. But while the hot peppers are extra on the Italian Night Club, the sprouts are gratis (or, as they say in Spain, "gratis").

And I'll tell you something else: there is a difference between the bulk candy Swedish Fish I buy at The Palace (the local card and gift shop down the block from my work) and the Swedish Fish I buy in a box at Wal-Mart or Hy-Vee. I almost don't want to buy candy at The Palace anymore, but I have to because work is so incredibly boring so often.

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