Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Favorite Crack-Pot Ex-Congresswoman

You know, I can honestly say that every time Cynthia McKinney's name has come up at home, I've said to Persephone, "That is one classy lady." But what made me laugh today was when I read in a news article that McKinney, who has moved to California, has a group of whack-jobs trying to get her to run for president on the Green Party ticket. Because the Green Party has gravitas to burn, evidently. If I were in charge of the group, I would call it "Run, Cynthia!" meaning I am commanding a woman named Cynthia to run. This group, however, is called "Run! Cynthia!" like what people yell when Godzilla is spotted downtown. "Run! Godzilla!" Knowing Cynthia McKinney, however, (did I mention how classy she is?), I don't know that the name is an accident.

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