Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Doing Things By Halves Is for Chumps

Look, if the American people as given voice by their elected representatives don’t like a market economy, then it’s time to start appointing some high-level coordination committees. Full-blown socialism is a lot less annoying than this half-assed socialism we have, if only because it has the balls to call itself what it is. But when you allow government to mandate some economic activities, and then allow the market to decide others, you end up with crap like this.

So it turns out there are more low-power and signal-relay television stations, that won't be affected by the February 2009 over-the-air TV signal conversion, than there are high-power stations that will be affected. And the government coupon for the converter box of life-sustaining vitality can be used for boxes that are not low-power and signal-relay station compatible. This means that uninformed people in rural markets who buy the wrong type of box will have their TVs stop working and presumably die.

Of course, the answer for all of this is...more of what caused it. The government should mandate for which converter boxes the coupons are valid. The government should require warning labels on packages. The government should educate hillbillies to know what they’re buying. Because there’s no problem government’s caused that a little more government can’t fix.

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