Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I Didn't Even Ask Him to Ask Me

So in response to my last post, Erik asked, “Is it just me or do you think Mrs. McCann is hot?”

Excellent question, Erik. I wanted to include a little something in that post about Mrs. McCann vis-à-vis her relationship with hotness, but I figured it wasn’t germane to the rest of the post. I didn’t want to write it for no reason. If I see a sandwich shop commercial on the old televisor and say, “That’s a good-looking sandwich,” my wife has been known to respond with, “That sandwich isn’t about to have your third child!” But since Erik asked, I can respond.

Yeah, I think Kate McCann is a good-looking woman. Now, I understand that everyone has a different idea of beauty, which is a good thing or else ugly people would never get married, but I think a majority of the population would find Mrs. McCann attractive. Which is why it was crazy to me when I first read this article wherein she reportedly complains, “If I weighed another two stone [British crazy talk for ‘another 28 pounds’], had a bigger bosom [crazy talk: ‘rack’] and looked more maternal [‘like a mom’], people would be more sympathetic."

I don’t think I’ve ever looked at a picture of Kate McCann (and there are plenty of them in this “news” story) and thought, “That woman needs another 28 pounds on her frame.” Now I will admit, most men wouldn’t complain about a bigger bosom, but that’s not a slight against the bosom she currently has. All in all, I’m not making conclusions on her guilt or innocence based on her looks.

In response to Cristin’s question of “Do you really think the McCanns killed their daughter?” my answer is no. I think killing is a messy business, and so most killers leave evidence, even the ones who plan well. To have no evidence would suggest either no killing or exceptional planning, and I don’t think normal people put together exceptional plans to kill their daughters. I think their story sounds reasonable, and after the fact it looks very neglectful, but at the time, if they were my friends and they said, “Here’s what we’re planning on doing tonight,” I would have said, “That doesn’t sound like a good idea,” not, “That’s a sure-fire way to get your daughter stolen.” I don’t think there’s any reason to vilify the McCanns. I included them in the “real killers” post because they are looking for who they claim to be the real killers or kidnappers, while the Portuguese police have been looking for the McCanns (evidently all the while muttering to themselves, “If that lady was about 28 pounds heavier, she’d be pretty hot.”)


Cristin Lassen said...

How great it is to learn from your blog that my husband has a thing for Kate McCann. Super. We're going to have a "talk" about this tonight.

Nance said...


Erik said...

I think the truth of the matter is that Kate McCann always has that often seen on popular cheerleaders expression of; " you wish someone as hot as me would want to talk to a loser like you". I mean she is so hung on her own hotness that she even has to whine to media that if she was uglier and less hot, she would get more compasion from the general public. It's the same experience I had while trying to meet single girls at BYU. The majority of the girls that I met on campus and tried to "intorduce" myself or "get to know" had this tone of voice and look of disgust on their face that says "you wish" regaurdless of what words they actually spoke. LAME, Down with Kate, she was probably one of those moms who felt threatened by their kids cuteness and ya know....
Actually, in honesty, I don't think she did it, and I would probably be mad to the point that I would drive myself crazy with guilt if that happened to us.

A Random Stranger said...

"Don't you wish your baby-momma was hot like me? Don't you wish your baby-momma lost babies like me? Doncha? Doncha?"