Tuesday, January 08, 2008

People Looking for the Real Killers

O.J. Simpson

The McCanns

And, according to this article, Pervez Musharraf

“Seriously, guys, how’s my hair?”

But yesterday he said Bhutto herself was responsible. So I guess his search is going to be the shortest of the three. But since both these pictures were funny to me, here's another one of Pervy.

“Fight the power! Unless that power happens to be me. In that case, acquiesce."

And while I was reading about Pakistan, I found this cool article about an assassination attempt foiled by a Boy Scout.


Nance said...

That's pretty cool for a Boy Scout. He should be the mascot for Boy Scout's throughout the world.

Cristin Lassen said...

Do you really think the McCanns killed their daughter? I doubt it.

Erik said...

Is it just me or do you think Mrs. McCanns is hot?