Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Presidential Politics

I’m getting pushed into the Mitt Romney camp, and I don’t necessarily like it.

But who would have thought two months ago that we’d get to a point where there was only one conservative left in the Republican field, and that man would be Romney?

Huckabee’s not a conservative. He’s a Christian with a class-warfare chip on his shoulder. He’s a Hillbilly William Jennings Bryan. And as for McCain, I have this question for you: am I expected to vote for a man for an office whose oath requires he swears to “protect and defend the Constitution,” when of all the candidates he alone is guilty of the most egregious violation of the Constitution we have seen since John Adams’s Sedition Acts? No man who supports, let alone drafts, a piece of legislation like McCain-Feingold is worthy of the office of the presidency. I would rather have Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, who at least are honest about their liberal principles, than a man who claims to be Ronald Reagan but really is more like the second coming of Richard Nixon: all the unlikeability, all the paranoia, and all the anger of Tricky Dick in a body that doesn’t look like it can last two weeks, let alone four years.

I’m going to caucus for Romney on Saturday, but after that I don’t know what I’m going to do.


Cristin said...

Thank you for your sacrifice. Don't you get to convince people of your opinion during a caucus? Or is that only the democratic caucuses that do it that way? If I had to convince people I would have a really hard time not using profanities when talking about McCain. That's how much I dislike that man.

Erik said...

I think Romney just needs to really grill McCain in the hopes that McCain will lose his cool and have a big meltdown in the middle of a presidential debate. If Romney can show everyone what a crack pot he is, I think it would win Romney the support of the GOP. Who knows, maybe McCain will have a heart attack before super tues.