Saturday, November 06, 2010

Grammar Nazis Aren't Real Nazis; They're More Like Oskar Schindler

Super-Hot 111 came up with another word that changes pronunciation when it changes parts of speech. I searched my blog to see if I had already written about it, since it's so horrible to be redundant that it's horrible.

That's when I discovered that I've written two posts about "try and" v. "try to" (here on June 13, 2008, and then because redundancy is so horrible, here on April 27, 2010). So irrespective of how horrible redundancy is (which it is, by the way), I'll write about whatever I want, as often as I want.


Conduct (verb): con-DUCT

Conduct (noun): CON-duct

You should change how you conduct your conduct.

Have I mentioned how horrible redundancy is. It's complete horrible.

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