Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Entrepreneurial Plans

Next to our used book store is a consignment store called "Carousel." Which, for some reason, I thought was a homonym for the word "carousal." I thought the store specialized in lingerie, and that its name was a portmanteau of "consignment" and "arousal."

My wife pointed out to me that its name is actually the word "carousel," as in a thing that turns around at a fair. Which is a really appropriate name for a consignment store, come to think of it.

However, comma, you've got to admit that my lingerie consignment store idea is pretty great. My sister once gave me a copy of Marketing Precedes the Miracle by Calvin Grondahl, which contained a comic about DI being overrun with never-worn lingerie that Mormon husbands have bought for their wives (one wife per husband, smart ass). Which I take as evidence that there's a marketplace for Carousal. I figure Grondahl's cartoon will feature prominently in the prospectus I show potential investors.

Patent pending.


Steve said...

This sounds like a Million Dollar Idea. Let me know when you get your Kickstarter set up and I'll be first in line.

I am only partially kidding.

JT said...

The store would have to smell of disinfectant in order to have the credibility to sell (still sanitary) used lingerie to females. Not surprisingly, the store could smell like 'the dainties' were never washed and you would sell millions of pairs of used lingerie to males (for their wives, of course).