Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm a Person, Not a Resource

It's like my ward thought, "He might be losing his opinion that the church is only here to use him; let's do what we can to reinforce that."

I believe I've written before about my mission president who responded to my plea for help by telling me that I was taking time he needed to be spending on people who REALLY needed help. And that pretty much sums up the entire church, but especially my ward. When they need me to do something, they know my phone number; otherwise, they are not quite sure who I am.

Some of my friends have said, "You should go have a chat with your bishop." I said, "No, he's busy helping the crazy people (person?) of the ward." My friends said, "He'd rather be meeting with a normal person like you." But that is supposing that he has a fixed amount of time he's spending on his calling. The reality is that the crazies are going to get their share, and anything beyond that is coming out of his personal time. And, just like my mission president, when you're looking for someone to be angry with, it doesn't make much sense to be angry with the crazies, since they can't help it, so who does that leave?

To sum up: people sometimes like to think that God is pushing them to their breaking point to show them how strong they are. Instead, I think He does it to show me that I am breakable.

Point taken.


benniegirl said...

I like this post very much!!! I can relate.
I had a revolutionary visiting teaching moment this week when a new lady we saw for the first time said, "sometimes when we admit we aren't loving every minute of our church experiences, we can finally start to relate to each other."
I often feel like I don't count as a person in the ward (that's the downside to not being one of the crazies). I'm just somebody to fulfill a few callings. Just knowing that somebody else is having a similar experience helps! Even if the people aren't true though, the doctrine is.

Jill said...

I don't like when people say that God doesn't give challenges that people can't handle. If that were true, why is there PTSD?