Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Welcome to Fabulous

I feel the need to turn things up around here. And I figured if I started with my blog layout, the rest of my life would follow.

Here's the history of the blog layout, for those who care. A Random Stranger began 2 January 2006. It had a regular title across the top. Three years later, I learned how to change the background picture of the title space to create a headline image. On 3 January 2009 I uploaded a picture of the Flint Hills I'd taken the previous summer and unveiled "A Random Stranger IS... Your New Best Friend."

That lasted for about nine months. Then, like all harbingers of non-violent change, I realized violence gets things done. I gave up being your friend and threatened to beat you into submission. On 25 September 2009 I downloaded a picture of Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran, used Paint to add enough original content to satisfy fair use laws, and unveiled "A Random Stranger IS... Kicking Life's Ass."

Now the time has come for another change. Life isn't an adversary whose ass needs beating; life and I are working together to produce all kinds of awesome. (Plus, three of my kids can read now, and I don't want to have to explain to them why my blog title contains the word "ass" when they sneak up behind me in my office.)

And so today, I unveil "Welcome to Fabulous 'A Random Stranger' (A Good Blog)."



Steve said...

I approve.

cms87 said...

lol. I love it. I read your blog and would always have to watch my back for my sneaky kids. I approve too. :o)