Tuesday, November 08, 2011

What's My Accent?

I had a meeting today with two guys from New York. They obviously sounded to me like they were from New York, but what did I sound like to them? Do I just have a "rest of America" accent, or can you pinpoint my past states of residence?

Here's what you should do: watch my last vlog (not all of it, just enough to refamiliarize yourself with my speech), and see if you think I sound like anything more than just an American.

Yes, we all agree this is a terrible post topic, but it was either this or complaints about stake conference. Which one would you rather hear?


Nancy said...

Your dad and your uncle have a slight Pittsburgh accent. I wouldn't have picked up on it if they (who are only related by marriage) didn't sound similarly to my non-Pittsburgh ears. There are words that you and I pronounce differently, but I'm not sure if that points to one (or both) of us having an accent or not. Besides, you established like 20 years ago that I sounded like I was from France.

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

It wasn't ME who thought you were from France. Here was the conversation.
Me [casually]: So, what do you know about Nancy?
Mike: She's from France or something.
Me: I think she's from California.
Mike: No, I'm pretty sure she's from France. She has an accent.

Richard Strang said...

I'd like to hear the complaints about Stake Conference.