Wednesday, November 09, 2011

You People Bring Out the Worst in Me

Last week I was goaded by benniegirl into writing insensitive things about allergies. Yesterday when I mentioned I came away from stake conference with complaints, reader Richard Strang was quick to comment, "I'd like to hear the complaints."

On a not-unrelated note, I came home Sunday thinking of this "Saturday Night Live" sketch.

Specifically, I was reminded of the part when he says, "Did I try soapy water?! Soapy water was the first thing I tried! And then it was the tenth thing I tried! And then it was the hundreth thing I tried!"

You see, I've got some problems in my life. Not "oh, I had to get the Cadillac with suede seats but I really wanted the leather ones" kind of problems. On some parameters, my life is downright terrible. And so I left stake conference a little angry about messages like, "When you're having trouble in your life, you should pray."

It would be like going to a cancer specialist and getting a reminder to eat an apple. Is it a cancer-killing apple? Because if it is, that would be great. Otherwise, it might be a little too simplistic of an answer.

It might seem like I think prayer is useless. I don't. I just think MY prayers have been useless, and I could have used something more insightful to help me understand why.


Alanna said...

I didn't hear a single thing that was said in Stake Conference. I was all excited to meet in our own building so I wouldn't have to deal with the metal chairs, but the sound was so bad (and the picture, and the delay) that I found myself not listening to a word that was said. And I'm sure the three kids didn't help at all, either. I enjoyed coloring, though!

But if it was that lame, maybe I lucked out.

Sort of like last year, when all they talked about were trials. Except the trials they were referring to were things like having a mouse problem in your home, or having your gallbladder removed, or knowing someone whose child was inactive. I looked over at the Scoresbys sitting there, knowing they'd just lost their baby, and thought that if I were them, I'd be royally pissed off about everyone else's lame-o "trials." (I found out later that Tracy just left. I didn't blame her.)

Angela said...

I feel the same way about talks on motherhood. They always say the same stuff like "keep a sense of humor" when really I would like someone to address the fact that having kids sometimes feels like getting punched in the face.