Friday, July 13, 2012

Someone to Watch Over Me

A few weeks ago there was some talk regarding this article about terrible children and the terrible parents who raised them. In it, Elizabeth Kolbert writes

So little is expected of kids that even adolescents may not know how to operate the many labor-saving devices their homes are filled with. Their incompetence begets exasperation, which results in still less being asked of them (which leaves them more time for video games).
But there's no reason to limit this discussion to only children (other than Kolbert's requirements to not turn in 500,000 words). American adults want in on the helpless act, too.

Witness the new guide published by the Centers for Disease Control entitled "Planning for the Big Day! Wedding Health and Safety Tips." Yes, people managed to get married without spreading diseases from about 5,000,000 BC up to earlier this year, but now the government is going to step in. And not a millennium too soon! Who knows how many diseases weren't being controlled at weddings these days?! (I once attended a reception at a very shady-looking Elks Lodge. Maybe that's where I got my case of rickets.)

Most Americans can't conceive of their lives without a government agency to "help" them live it. How do I get a job without a government case worker? How do I buy food without food stamps? How do I buy a house without Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? How do I get health insurance without President Obama? How do I make sure my TV doesn't stop working without a voucher to buy a converter box? How do I educate my children without a public school? How do I attend college without state schools and government loans? In the complex modern world, how do I survive without someone to watch over me?

Time was, the watching figure was God. Now it's government. Is it any wonder the president has a Messianic complex when he single-handedly manages the salvation of over 300 million people? Who needs God when you have the dictator covering your every need, including how to get through your wedding day without getting sick?

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FastBreak said...

This idea that "government can do it better" is so pervasive inside the beltway that it sickens me