Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Gold Medal in Anti-Semitism

We couldn't have a moment of silence for the Israeli athletes killed in 1972, but we had two moments of silence for generic reasons that meant nothing at all. One was for victims of war, and the other was just for whomever happens to be dead.

Why did these two constituencies make the cut? Because no one in particular can be blamed for those deaths. When we pause to remember the dead of World War I, does anyone really get mad at Germany anymore? Everyone responsible is dead now. Germans aren't still agitating in the streets for more subjugation of the French. (They're too busy subjugating the Greeks. I keed, I keed!) But everybody knows who killed the Israelis, and who wishes it would happen again and again. And commemorating those deaths would be too much like saying they shouldn't have happened. And in the modern Olympic model, the lost revenue could never be replaced. Yeah, maybe the same can be said of lost human beings, but human beings never gave aristocratic parasites the chateaux and luxury cars that are due each member of the IOC.

The IOC probably thinks a moment of silence for the murdered Israelis would be politicizing the Olympics, indicating they are too stupid to see the murders already did that, and refusing to honor murder victims and perhaps--gasp!--offend the murderers and their comrades is politicizing the Olympics all over again.

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