Saturday, April 27, 2013

Annihilism Update: Immigration

The United States Department of Agriculture is advertising that they don't check citizenship status when you apply for food stamps. This can sort of make sense: people who need help obtaining food shouldn't be left to starve because they aren't legal residents. But they also shouldn't be here. Government advertising the financial benefits available to illegal immigrants will necessarily raise the number of illegal immigrants, and the costs of the benefits programs. Current levels of government debt are unsustainable. We are destroying ourselves, in part to give food to illegal immigrants.

Speaking of illegal immigrants, some people won't even speak of illegal immigrants anymore. The Associated Press has outright banned the term aside from direct quotations, and the New York Times is recommending reporters "consider alternatives." What exactly is the most-precise term for someone who illegally immigrates?

At least while they're here, they might get to serve on juries now. California is moving towards non-citizen jurors. This is another almost-sensible proposal: if your court system is overwhelmed with the trials of non-citizens, you can't expect your shrinking pool of citizens to bear the entire jury burden. But the nation risks becoming the world's flop house when people with no commitment to the community come and go with many of the same privileges as citizens.

And when it comes to the privileges of citizens, the privilege of citizenship itself is being defined away. The attorney general said this week that amnesty for illegal immigrants is a civil right. Back when the term "civil right" meant something besides "whatever I want," this sentence would be a non sequitur. How can non-citizens have the rights of citizens, which is what civil rights are? Perhaps one could argue that a pathway to citizenship is a natural right, a right that comes from God by virtue of being alive, but saying non-citizen criminals should have the rights of citizens is to say there are no rights to citizenship at all.

There is a movement underway to include within the American community immigrants with no validation of their commitment to our values, thus replacing those values with the values of the world at large. Nihilism says American values are no better or worse than those of the rest of the world. Annihilism says American values are inferior and need to be replaced by outside values. The current push for immigration liberalization without checks and commitments is an effort to annihilate America itself.

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