Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blogging About Ugly People (Besides Me)

I don't usually compound the misfortune of the terribly ugly by discussing it. For instance, I have a Facebook "friend" who regularly posts close-ups of the world's ugliest kid, but I don't blog about that here. I just shudder and scroll down.

Articulate Joe and I were watching the Manchester Derby a few weeks ago, and I said to him, "Man, Phil Jones is pretty ugly." But I wasn't going to blog about it or anything.

Until I saw this picture of him from the match. There's just no way to not blog about that. And if Phil Jones's feelings are hurt, he can pay someone to make him feel better.

I am much nobler than my wife, who has been plotting for weeks to take the picture of an especially-ugly baby to send to her friends for comment. My "friend"'s ugly baby is safe from such treachery.


Alanna said...

Please tell me that at least one of you is talking about a certain person's baby who used to be in this ward but has since moved to Florida... I know most babies look like old men, but this kid is really taking the cake in that department.

If one of the babies is mine, I don't want to know...

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

My ugly baby lives in the Midwest. My wife's ugly baby is a soccer connection.
But now I'm wondering what your new baby looks like.