Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Role of "Erik" Will Be Played By Corbin Bernsen

Last night I watched a movie entitled I'm Reed Fish. It was a sort-of-enjoyable movie until it ended and the credits began.

First, one of the credited writers is Reed Fish. Then the real Reed Fish is credited with a vanity role in the film. This made us look it up on IMDB and Wikipedia.

So Reed Fish is a real guy who wrote a movie about his life, which is okay when the subject matter isn't dumped fiancees, but less okay otherwise. What's it like being Reed Fish's ex-fiancee: first he embarrasses you and breaks your heart, and then he gets rich and famous off the story.

In the movie there's Reed Fish and two girls, and instead of choosing one and putting himself on the line, he waits for one to come to him. Worst ending to a romantic comedy ever (aside from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but I think I might be wrong about that film's genre). To merit the love of the girl, the boy must burn his bridge with the other girl and then see if the girl of his choice will have him. Instead, Reed Fish makes a movie (yes, the movie character Reed Fish makes a movie--how meta of him!) and waits for the panties to drop.

Towards the end, one of the characters in the meta-movie tells Reed Fish that he doesn't know how to love. Later, a character in the regular-movie defends Reed Fish from this charge. The problem: it came from the pen of the real-life Reed Fish. That doesn't seem very intellectually honest.

I'm thinking of writing a movie where the character-versions of all my real-life friends and family say wonderful things about me. It is probably easier than getting them to say wonderful things about me in real life. Especially the ex-fiancee character.

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