Thursday, October 24, 2013

Interesting Justification

In this article about Mormon women seeking priesthood ordination (strictly speaking, though, what they really want is priesthood conferral), church spokesman Michael Purdy gives as justification for the church's male-only priesthood, "The Church follows the pattern set by the Savior when it comes to priesthood ordination." Meaning that the biblical record and ancient mainstream Christian tradition has no record of Christ conferring the priesthood upon women or ordaining women to priesthood offices.

Of course, we know that the biblical record is scant at best. The Bible itself says as much. Saying "well, the Bible doesn't mention it" is far from iron-clad reasoning.

Combined with the new introduction to Official Declaration 2, I would not be philosophically troubled by a future declaration of female priesthood conferral, though I think these groups should have more of an attitude of petition and less of demanding.

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benniegirl said...

I'm totally against women having the priesthood & I think these ladies are a big bag of crazy!!! I'm big on equality & feel the church has made strides to make women feel equal. People who want equality so much that they prefer to ignore gender differences choose to ignore science. There are undeniable scientific differences in women & men. There are also natural lifestyle differences. Women have the responsibility of motherhood & even if that doesn't include having your own children, I believe you are blessed with a responsibility to try to nurture those around you as part of the call. It doesn't come naturally to some but responsibility is about effort. Men have the responsibility of the priesthood, which never blesses them directly but allows them to use it to bless & serve other people. Having separate but equal roles allows us to each put the time & focus into doing our own personal best. Some women may have the time and desire for being a priesthood leader but the majority are too busy with family life to put in the hours it would require to be a bishop or such. I don't want that to change. These women choose to focus just on the church. The church is certainly not the biggest place to demonstrate inequality (which doctrinally I don't believe is demonstrated at all). If they put half as much effort into trying to get women equal pay for the same job a man does, then we could see some useful changes.