Monday, October 12, 2015

Appropriate Paranoia Needs Its Own Name

If someone told you, "I don't let my kids play the claw games at the entrances of Denny's [Where else are these things still found? - Ed.] because those things are teaching gambling," you'd say to yourself, "Oh, jeez; settle down, wack-job."

Except here's an article about how claw machines let you program their performance according to the value of the prizes. You know, like gambling machines. The article even notes that, in the 1950s, the Federales regulated claw machines just like slot machines. But, you know, for kids.

Why isn't there a name for paranoia that we later find out was appropriate? I'd like to suggest the term "approparanoia." Pronounced "uh-PRO-pa-ra-NOY-uh."

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