Tuesday, October 06, 2015

My New Hog

When I first saw The Green Hornet, I fell in love with Kato's motorcycle. For a while, I had a picture of a Harley-Davidson V-Rod as my desktop image, until my wife told me that I was not allowed to ride a motorcycle.*

Now I'm here to tell you that my wife has relented and allowed me to finally purchase my dream ride.

Okay, so it's more of an e-bike than a motorcycle. That's because it's totally an e-bike and definitely not a motorcycle.

My wife and I rode it to Sam's Club and back, cutting the travel time in half and completely eliminating the need to convince a taxi to take us back home to a neighboring district. My daughter and I rode it to breakfast and back, and on that trip we discovered the battery's range and how easy it is to pedal it home (not easy at all).

It's a little small for our family of six, but I did take three boys with me to supper on it last week (two boys sitting on the back seat and the littlest standing on the runner board and holding on to the handles with me; China's cool about traffic laws like that). While we drove he sang, "Four guys on a scooter!"

My wife wasn't home to take our picture (or to stop us, actually), and we didn't all fit in a selfie, so we'll have to recreate it later.

* = It seems everyone's reaction to hearing of spouses who "won't allow" something is to think, "That marriage's got PROBLEMS." I think it, too. But every spouse has such things they won't allowed, including me. Just relax, people. We've got this under control.

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