Sunday, October 11, 2015

One-Day Weekends Kill My Attitude

The United States Men's National Team played Mexico Saturday night and lost. And from what I could tell in the limited portions of the game I could see*, it wasn't as close as the 3-2 A.E.T. scoreline would lead you to believe.

The 2013 Gold Cup and the end of 2014 World Cup qualifying was the best the USMNT has performed under Klinsmann. But here's a guy who markets himself as a system guy who values conditioning, and what we've seen is a clunky system that always seems bootstrapped and the world's most-brittle collection of hamstrings ever assembled. Criticism is deflected by pointing out the shortcomings of "the MLS."

I've grown weary of thinking about this. Let me instead tell you my opinion of Pitch Perfect 2. As a movie, it was pretty bad. But as a vehicle for seeing favorite characters in familiar-yet-new situations, it was good. I feel like Anna Kendrick could have been used more, and Keegan-Michael Key was very good. I especially liked Snoop Dogg's role. As with all movies, I would have been very frustrated had I spent money to see this in a theater, but unlike most movies, I was okay with spending $3.99 to rent it.

* = Why did I only see limited portions? Well, firstly because the Chinese government restricts the Internet in unnecessary ways. Banning social media? Um, okay, I guess, even though the United States Congress only has single-digits approval ratings and is not threatened by cat memes. But restricting sports scores (my soccer scores app doesn't work without a VPN) is pointless. Secondly, Time Warner Cable's web service didn't work most of the time. Trying to log in resulted in an error message. Thirdly, Fox Sports buried the GameTrax for the game. It wasn't on Fox Sports's home page, and it wasn't on the soccer subsection home page, and the game wasn't even listed under "popular scores." Italy v. Azerbaijan was, but USA v. Mexico wasn't.

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