Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Predicting Revelation

I know a guy who likes to make General Conference predictions on Facebook. It strikes me as distasteful, and it's not just because he's one of those people who are so similar to me that I completely hate him (although that's true, too).

"But wait a minute, A Random Stranger, don't you make such predictions?" It is true that before receiving my mission call, I thought I would be called to the Florida Jacksonville Mission. (Instead I got called to the Pray for Death's Merciful Oblivion Mission.) I've also guessed that the Three Nephites are Jonas, Jonas, and Isaiah, and that the Second Coming will happen on 21 September 2033. But those are random guesses that have very, very little chance of being right (12 choose 3 = 220). This acquaintance of mine, though, presents his Facebook predictions as, "check it out, people, I'm smart enough that I've figured out stuff that the rest of you schlubs wait around to hear announced."

I follow a blog about LDS church growth (with the whimsical title of LDS Church Growth), and at first glance it might appear that the blogger's predictions are just as crass, but they're not. The blog predictions are given in the spirit of "if church leaders are interested in some of these metrics, here's what they'll see, but sometimes they make decisions not based on these metrics."

Am I seeing differences where none exist, just because I hate people who are exactly like me? Probably. But I wish this acquaintance of mine would present his predictions with a little more humility and a little less disrespect of revelation.


Stephen said...

The practice definitely sounds irksome. How's his accuracy?

The Man Your Husband Is Worried About said...

He predicted six names. None became apostles. One became a president of the Seventy.

Someone shared a story on Facebook about a child reporting seeing angels supporting President Monson. This acquaintance replied, "They must have been pushing him down because he was leaning pretty heavily on the stand." I replied to this, "Seriously, dude?"