Thursday, October 15, 2015

Relationship Harmony

I have a former student with whom I've remained friends. We decided we were friends when, one day in class, I was talking about low-quality socks I had just bought. I said, "I got ONE WEAR out of them and now there's a hole over my big toe!" He said, "Maybe if you ever trimmed your toenails...." I said, "I'll have you know that I had just trimmed them that morning, smart-ass!"

Anyway, this friend of mine is married to a Filipino, so he's posted Facebook pictures before of his husband being very excited to eat at Jollibee, a Filipino fast-food restaurant. Think about how normal people react to eating at In-N-Out; that's how this guy reacts to finding a Jollibee.

Today I saw an article about Jollibee buying 40% of Smashburger, so I shared the article on my friend's Facebook page and asked, "Exciting news for you guys?" His public comment was "LOL I'm sure it will be!" But his private message to me was, "I hate that g--d--- restaurant."

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